The Kolab.org Community is a Free Software initiative building a unified communication and collaboration system that you can install on your own server. If you don't want to run your own server, consider using hosted Kolab like offered by MyKolab.com.


Planet Kolab


We now have more Likes on @AlternativeTo than @MSFTExchange: http://t.co/9MWPUbPgmy Help us to beat @google ! :)
RT @HeddersD: @xbouwman @mykolabcom @ToSDR I've been using them a while. Not bad at all.
RT @xbouwman: Has anybody tried https://t.co/QCLVLQE2b1? Apparently @ToSDR gave their terms an A.
Our Android instructions already take the new auto-discovery feature of @davdroidapp into account: https://t.co/vMLLMBUB0m
RT @tekwendell: The One True Groupware is apparently http://t.co/lqOQmtUnEy --Available as well-packaged .debs, good ActiveSync support. Al…