The Kolab.org Community is a Free Software initiative building a unified communication and collaboration system that you can install on your own server. If you don't want to run your own server, consider using hosted Kolab like offered by MyKolab.com.


Planet Kolab


RT @hugoroyd: La version 3.3 de Kolab marche super bien sur Debian. En attendant CaliOpen @framasoft pour dégoogliser le mail, l'agenda, le…
RT @dustyweb: @mairin wasn't aware of @mykolabcom or that it was free software based... pretty neat!
You can now easily contribute to our documentation and translate it into your language: https://t.co/6DUv6GGmoe Try it out!
Where to store your encrypted data? A @lwnnet write-up of our CEO's #linuxcon presentation: http://t.co/0SnTcP9SKY @ggreve
RT @LF_Training: Q&A with Aaron Seigo: How @KolabSys Uses Open Source and Linux http://t.co/fYN0i5VmIV